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World Times, Inc. presents fresh pluralistic perspectives on today's pressing global issues and trends. Since 1978, World Times brings together experts, native-country journalists, academics, business leaders, scientists, government representatives and NGO leaders from diverse backgrounds and geographies for international inquiries on matters of global concern through editorial, research and think tank programs.

The WorldPaper

Global Perspectives from Local Sources Since 1978

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The WorldPaper, a World Times publication, appears as a special section in national newspapers and magazines in seven languages on five continents. Its editorial agenda is set for a global audience by a group of distinguished editors from around the world. It also publishes an on-line monthly topical analysis round-up.

International Inquiries

Conferences and Seminars

World Times International Inquiries are designed to facilitate dialogues between international thought leaders and decision makers from both public and private sectors with the active participation of academia and the media.

World Times cooperates with world leading institutions fostering creative thinking on pressing issues of global concern. Its proceedings are published through white papers and made available to audiences relevant to each particular theme.

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The Wireless Internet Institute

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Founded in 2002, the Wireless Internet Institute, LLC, is an independent forum bringing together stakeholders around the world to accelerate the adoption of wireless Internet in support of social and economic development and better managed cities, communities and regions.

W2i holds thought-leadership conferences exploring the planning and deployment of broadband-wireless infrastructure, applications and services at the metropolitan scale.

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